Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sexy Hot Irish Women - St Patrick's Day Treat - Olivia Wilde Topless

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Olivia Wilde Topless

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Olivia Wilde Topless

For St. Patrick’s Day, I give you all a wonderfully generous gift: Olivia Wilde. Olivia is one of the sexiest Irish women I know of. She is best known as the sexy and beautiful doctor nicknamed “Thirteen” on House (named after her candidate number when she was first introduced). She has by far been the sexiest female on the show and has seductive eyes to boot. OK, to call Olivia Irish is a bit of a stretch, but her given last name is Cockburn (love it) and her father who was born in London was actually raised in Ireland. So I give it a push.

However you look at it, you cannot deny that she is one sexy woman. Here, you see Olivia topless (ok her hair is covering her perky small breasts). This girl’s eyes are from another planet. They look at you like an Egyptian goddess and just pierce through your soul. Her facial expression here is very sexy as well. She looks like a tiger (yes, with Tiger Blood) ready to pounce. Should we call her the sex kitten? Her hair is covering her small breasts and her bluejeans and half unbuttoned. Basically she looks ready for sex.

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!

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