Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hey Guys!

So I've noticed a bunch more of you have been hitting the site than typical. If you're new, then welcome. So you may be curious as to what sexy Irish women look like or what makes Irish women so sexy.

Come one, come all! Check it out and don't be afraid to comment if you'd like to see pictures of famous Irish girls or simply want pictures of random Irish girls doing whatever.

At any rate, it doesn't have to be St. Patrick's Day to enjoy them!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Glenda Gilson

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Glenda Gilson

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Glenda Gilson

OK, so I’ve been a little bit disappointed with the caliber of women we have showcased on this blog. I really just chalked it up to the notion that Irish women just weren’t that attractive. Well, that sentiment changed immediately when I first laid eyes on Glenda Gilson. Glenda is an Irish model and television presenter that got her start when she represented Ireland in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic competition and won. She later went on to represent all of Europe and she won the title there as well. She is also a niece of the former Fianna Fail member, Liam Lawlor, who died in a car crash in Russia.

In happier news, let’s talk about this picture! This is a double shot because she is just that sexy! In both shots, she’s using her arms strategically to cover up her breast. That is a shame because she has some very nice and big breasts. In the left picture, you can see the lines of her beautiful body very well. Irish women are known to have curves and you do see a hint of that, but she has a very toned and rock hard body. In the right picture, you can see her rock hard abs and thin physique. There is also an inquisitive look about her that is extremely hot. In additional to her rocking body, her face is very cute. She has a small nose, little lips, and eyes that just pierce right through you.
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