Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Rosanna Davison

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Rosanna Davison

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Rosanna Davison

When I think of Irish women, even the sexiest of Irish women, I don’t think of a blonde bombshell. I didn’t, that was until I laid eyes on Rosanna Davison. She is by far one of the sexiest Irish women I have ever come across, but more on that later. Rosanna was a beauty queen and won the Miss World 2003 title. It’s no wonder that she rose to fame. She comes from a famous family. Her father is Chris de Burgh and his song, “For Rosanna” was written in her honor. This is no dumb blonde, either. She attended the private all-girls school (stop thinking that, you pervert), Rathdown School and was class prefect before graduating.

OK, so looking at this picture, you can tell that she’s not a natural blonde, but hey sometimes God gets it wrong. She does have playful hair layered in a wild way for this wild girl. Then you move to her facial features where she actually has very soft attributes. Her lips are small (but very kissable), her nose is small and cute, but those eyes just want to make love to you. This is more of a head shot so you don’t see much more of her body, but you do see a glimpse of her beautiful big breasts. In this picture you can see that she’s wearing a tight dress with a bit of her lacey bra showing through.

Luck of the Irish? I think so.

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