Friday, December 18, 2009

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Blathnaid McKenna

Sexy Hot Irish  Women - Blathnaid McKenna

Sexy Hot Irish Women - Blathnaid McKenna

Blathnaid McKenna made the country of Ireland proud when she represented the country in the Miss World 2007 beauty pageant in China. She speaks a number of languages including French, Italian, and German. She has also signed with a modeling agency so I guess you can add that to her resume as well.

So this is a much more classic picture than I like to showcase here, but a girl in a tiara is hard to pass up. You can also say that her nose is a bit on the large side, but that doesn’t bother me either. By virtue of being a beauty queen, you know that she is gorgeous, but this picture really shows off her frame well. She is skinny, has long legs (which I love!), and beautifully silky brown hair. But what gets to me about Blathnaid are her eyes. Looking at this picture, you see how her eyes are striking and they just pierce right through you. Her smile is also spectacular. I like a good white smile with somewhat imperfect teeth. In the United States, smiles are so fabricated that it’s nice to see a natural one.

Another thing that I like is that you won’t find any naughty pictures of this girl. Trust me, I looked. She is a true beauty queen in every meaning of the term. Now this doesn’t mean that she’s not sexy. I mean only the most beautiful Irish women grace this blog. It was means that she’s a bit of a good girl. That makes her even more attractive to me.

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